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Family Owned & Operated
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Our story began in 2008 when we were
reassigned to Mechanicsburg Pa for our final
tour with the US Navy after serving for 22
years. We bought our farm with plans to do
something with it, but at the time we had no
idea what. We affectionately named our farm
GEMS, which is abbreviated for Gabrielle,
Emily, Michael & Sharon. Jokingly with
some friends while drinking a few beers
they suggested we should start a Hops farm
(aren’t all good ideas thought up over a few
beers). So around 2015 we started researching
and thought that Hops would be a fun and
unique thing to grow. So in 2017 the first of
hundreds of poles and thousands of plants
went in the ground. Today we sit on 3.25
acres planted, with over 3400 hops plants and
5 varieties available. Our future goals are to
expand the hop yard to 7 acres, and provide a
wider variety of options for brewers.


Carlisle, PA

(Private Scheduled Tours Available)

Tel: (717) 961-9352

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